“For the first time, I felt like I was not watching a movie from the outside but actually inside the movie itself. It was an overwhelming experience for me to see all the stories I know from the Bible in my heart language of ASL!”
Caleb Resch, YWAM Deaf World Jamaica
“JESUS: a Deaf Missions film is a stunning illustration presenting the true story of Jesus—no guesswork, no translation necessary, nor any interpretation needed for the viewer. Pure delightful access in witnessing the Word of God in our heart language. More importantly, seeing Jesus’ love and His pursuit of us communicated in ASL on screen is an unmatched experience.”
Jackson Brown, Deaf Ministry, The Grove Community Church
“THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I truly believe that this film will become a catalyst for the gospel to spread among the Deaf community and not only in America, but worldwide.”
Carole McClelland, YWAM Deaf World
“It was incredibly moving to experience a Jesus movie entirely in American Sign Language—my heart language. I can’t wait to watch this movie with my family, Deaf Teen Quest family, and my friends!”
Brenda Sprunger, Director, Deaf Teen Quest
“The film was incredible! Tears throughout. Very emotional and well done! Honestly the best film on the life of Christ I’ve seen. You stuck to Scripture. You let God’s Word be the driving factor and that made the impact so much greater. Beautiful! Thank you thank you thank you! Looking forward to seeing it again in theaters and praying for the Lord to use this in mighty ways as we share it with others in years to come!”
Anne-Mrea Fariss, Community Interpreter, NC
“The premiere of the movie JESUS created for Deaf by Deaf was truly awe-inspiring! Surrounded by my cherished loved ones, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude and honor to be part of this filming, especially when it revolves around Jesus himself! It simply cannot get any better than this. I am eagerly anticipating the Deaf communities worldwide to witness this remarkable film and have the opportunity to truly see and know Him.”
Eduardo Cardenas Jr. (Phillip in the movie), Founder, Loud N Clear Ministry
“Deaf or hearing, believer or not, anyone is welcomed and encouraged to see this movie. If you’re Deaf, you will be inspired, moved, and be at ease viewing a movie completely in ASL. If you’re hearing, you will get a glimpse of the Deaf culture, language, and the opportunity to be in a Deaf person’s place to view a movie that isn’t your primary mode of communication. This film is inspiring. This film is worth the watch.”
Heather Suhr
“I was overwhelmed with not just the signing of everything in ASL, but all those facial expressions and body language that Deaf people use. Top notch. Go watch it. Plan to watch it a few times because there is so much story to the life of Jesus. You will enjoy it again and again!”
Lance McWilliams
“It was beautiful, long-awaited, emotional, and just miraculous. For me, the best part was sitting next to my Deaf friend and hearing her gasp at scenes and cry at others. She said she felt like she was in heaven because she never thought she’d get to see Jesus speaking her language in her lifetime on earth.”
Jan Pride
“To God be the glory! We previewed JESUS—finally, the gospel in a language we as the Deaf community can understand. Jesus deserves the glory for putting the crew together and getting this content out there. Watch God move! Our God is going to impact the world through this movie. The glory is His and His alone. We think Jesus for providing the right team to make this movie happen. I’m proud of my Dad and his team for producing the film JESUS in sign language.”
Hadassah Josselyn (daughter of director Joseph D. Josselyn)